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"People who think they are crazy enough to change the world, are the ones that do"

As a business Fock Yoga is a lifestyle brand committed to sharing the journey of sustainable and ethical living.  As a business, we minimise our use of paper by printing on labels with a thermal printer and using biodegradable and compostable shipping bags. Our products are ethical, sustainable, ecofriendly and guaranteed to be good for your health and the environment. Fock Yoga also sources product that are produced ethically and supporting communities and small businesses.  The Fock Yoga Blog shares simple information that will inspire your journey and add to your every day knowledge on how you can make small changes that will impact in bigger and more positive ways in relation to your health and well being and that of the immediate environment you are living.

As an individual, you can contribute in many small ways to a mindful lifestyle, and to start Fock Yoga is giving away a complimentary Eco-friendly green bag for all orders over AU$100 to help kickstart the journey to less waste.  The green bag has a multitude of uses and we are confident you will enjoy finding different uses for yours.


Turkish towels take less time to dry thus not requiring a dryer, billum bags are supporting local communities in remote areas and also serve as wonderful eco-friendly shopping bags for your market or grocery days, natural deodorants such as the one featured by KIND-LY are much better for your health, but are also produced ethically.  The special soaps made my Hanamoa Estate are made with Organic cold pressed Virgin Coconut Oil from a single source plantation in Papua New Guinea providing jobs to a local community and supporting a growth industry for the future.  Handmade baskets are a wonderful additional to decorating your home and providing eco-friendly storage solutions whilst supporting Artisans in remote communities in developing nations. Buying clothing that is produced with organic cotton and from recycled ghost fishing nets and PET bottles is not only novel and fascinating it is sustainable.  In a nutshell, there are many small and beautiful ways to encourage a mindful lifestyle.  

If you have any suggestions and feedback, or would like to join the Fock Yoga team please contact us on .